Madagascar & Illes Reunion Islands

Since we exhibit more than 4-5 exhibitions each year,  we are privileged to reach very different Markets World wide. We are Proud to announce that we supply STAR-GIL Paint Brushes to : MADAGASCAR & ILLES REUNION ISLANDS!!!!

Angle Sash

As being one of the major players of paint brush production; we obliged ourselves to include new and innovative serials to our wide range of products.  We proudly announce that “Angle Sash” brush is now in our assortment with different variations. Angle Sash brushes are mainly used for trimming and cutting in corners, edges and[…]

New Brush

Dear Friends, Time to time you are receiving our announcements of new released products to our assortment. As we had very good feed backs and high demand for our PRO AQUA serials of supreme quality bicolour filaments; we decided to prepare and launch our paint brush sets suitable for all paints and varnishes. Our sets[…]

Our Newest Star-Gil Series

As we informed you previously, about our newest serial SAPPHIRE included to our wide range of products with various variations. Up today we had very good reactions from our customers worldwide. In the light of encouraging reactions we received; we decided to launch our SAPPHIRE to our local market as well. (A) (B)    […]