Synthetic filaments do not absorb water; accordingly stiffness is unaffected by water; which makes them more suitable for water-based paints. Flagged and tapered tips increase paint pick-up and help to eliminate brush marks. Filaments of variable lengths enable smooth paint flow, by carrying paint in the middle of the brush as well as the tip.

Blending synthetic filaments with natural bristles perfectly covers the brush performance requirements such as excellent strength, good paint pick-up & superb application. Mixed bristle brushes can also be used with many different types of paint.

Our focus is paint applicators yet mainly the paint brushes. We are manufacturing almost all kinds of paint brushes such as flat, round, oval and rectangular (stain) as well as paint rollers. On the other hand we manufacture custom-made brushes based on customer’s specifications.

Producing all plastic parts and ferrules in our own plant by full automatic machinery with 130 team members, provides stability on quality and flexibility on prices.

BIRLESIK FIRÇA / STAR GIL is following novelties closely and very sensitive as well for today’s and future demands. Consequently, in the light of increasing demand for paint brushes suitable for environmental paints; BFS has included a full automatic, high capacity mixing and bundling machine to the plant. Blending the synthetic filaments and natural bristles on plant; gives BFS the advantage of competitiveness and stable quality.

In relation with our aim to be the most contemporary paint brush producers; we have invested 1.5 Million USD during the 2013. We are now the biggest paint brush manufacturer in Europe producing paint brushes A to Z in fully integrated high tech plant.

Our goal is to be known as ‘THE SPECIALIST’ for paint brushes throughout the world and our team is working with this enthusiasm.

Finally, we as BİRLESİK FIRCA / STAR GIL Team would like to thank each of our valued customers and business partners for their loyalty and trust, whom are the most precious part of our success.