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Birlesik Firca San Ve Tic A.S. at Interbrush 2016

Birlesik Fırca San ve Tic A.S. was founded in 1958. We are suppliers of mixtures, paint brush handles and ferrules to paint brush manufacturers.

400 Mixtures
Our production is certified with ISO 9001 quality certificate as a result of 58 years’ experience, and is carried out by the full automatic machinery under the most contemporary conditions. Bristles are combed and vibrated perfectly during the production, therefore we can supply mixtures in perfect condition which means NO HOOKS and NO SHORT HAIRS in the bundles. Perfectly clean mixtures allow your full automatic lines run smoothly.
Our mixtures are packed in fully automatic machines and bundled with very light & strong craft paper. This gives you a minimum 10% price advantage comparing to the other manufacturers as you will just pay for the bristle and not for heavy carton rings. Custom Made mixture demands are also welcomed.
Plastic Handles and Ferrules
We supply high quality lacquered or self-coloured plastic paint brush handles. We can also supply related Metal Ferrules plated of Tin, Nickel, Copper and Brass.
BIRLESIK FIRCA is pleased to welcome you on booth No. 3.3.10 at Interbrush 2016 / Freiburg.