New SAPPHIRE lacquered handle Brushes into our assortment

We now would like to inform you that we included a very attractive and trendy version of “Sapphire” into our assortment.

We have lacquered our “Sapphire” handles with charming colors to attract our consumers attention and modified its  features to make our “Sapphire” brushes more professional. The new appearance and qualifications will provide high painting & covering performance with a glamorous look.

sapphire                                                                                                                       The new features of SAPPHIRE lacquered handle Brushes are

  • 9thrange handle dimensions
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Trendy and attractive look
  • High quality blend of natural bristle & synthetic tapered filaments
  • Optimum bristle lengthouts
  • Long lasting performance
  • Better pick up and release capability
  • Excellent performance,  both with solvent & water based paints
  • Possibility of customized handle colors

We believe that the new lacquered version of our “Sapphire” range will also attract your attention, since we started hearing positive feedbacks on our “Sapphire” range launched previously.

It will be our pleasure to receive your inquiries for our New Sapphire range as well.