PRO-AQUA 9th range & 12th range

We refer to our latest announcement of our novelty in our assortment as “PRO-AQUA” brushes.

As we have received a serious demand from the market to our new “PRO_AQUA” quality we have included the new 9th Range & 12th range PRO-AQUA brushes with wooden handle to our assortment as well. We herewith attached the pictures of these products and ask you to take your records accordingly. The features of the new 9th Range & 12th Range PRO-AQUA serials are exactly the same as informed you previously.

newbrushWe once more like to remind you the features & advantages of our Pro-Aqua Serials :

v  Superior performance with water based paints  

v  High pick up and release capability of paints  

v  Perfectly flexible filaments

v  Extra soft tips annd smooth finishing 

v  Easy application feature   

v  Eco friendly

v  Easy clean 

v  Ergonomic wooden handle 


We hope this new types will also attract your attention and we are at your disposal to provide our attractive prices prior to your request.